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About C-Date:


C-Date – Casual Dating in South Africa


  • Find a classy casual service that really works. Leader in class
  • Women date for free
  • Stay safe and secure
  • Enjoy simple functionality


  • No mobile app (although mobile functionality)

C-Date is a dating platform for individuals who want something more out of their relationships. You’ll find singles, committed, and even married individuals looking for unique experiences with the ‘c’ standing for ‘casual.’

The site swiftly rose to become the most popular casual dating site in South Africa after its launch in 2008. It now has about 36 million users in 35 countries, with approximately 100,000 in South Africa.

Each day, it is estimated that roughly 1500 new users join from South Africa, with a total of 25,000 joining from across the world. Therefore, while the numbers appear to be reliable, does the website? If you’re wondering “what is C-Date,” read our in-depth C-Date review to learn more about one of the greatest hookup services.

Who Is Using C-date? 

While it is targeted at people aged 18 to 55, the majority of users are between the ages of 25 and 45. The website is for singles, couples, and married people who wish to spice up their bedtime routines. Members’ profiles list a variety of interests, including affairs, casual dates, and even sensual discussions. Interestingly, the male-to-female ratio is nearly 50/50, although many other dating sites are overwhelmingly dominated by men.

Casual Dating On C-Date

It is typically allowed with casual dating, although it is not required. C-date offers casual contact with individuals to get their sexual desires and wishes fulfilled. Choose what kind of affair you want, who your partner will be, and allow yourself to be led by those who want to have a casual relationship with you.

Make the most of your single life with uninterrupted dating encounters or refresh your relationship with a casual date. C-date provides the privacy and anonymity needed to live out their desires, whatever they may be.

C-date makes no sacrifices and only provides the best for its female customers, men, and couples seeking sexual fulfillment. On c-date, couples are also welcome. You can join for free, but the catch is that you won’t have a lot of access. It’s only a teaser, after all. Every time you leave the free options, you’ll get the usual upgrade reminders. A three-month paid subscription is required. After doing more research on c-date, we decided to avoid it.

Registration Process

C-date is the ideal online dating site for those seeking a private relationship. Such that, you are only searching for a casual connection with no long-term commitment.

Since both men and women desire to maintain their independence or put their careers first, entertaining and anonymous relationships are becoming increasingly common.

If you’re not ready for a relationship but still want to meet new people and share some adventures, C-Date is the place to be. C-date is the appropriate dating service for you if you want a private encounter or if you want to have adventures without any commitments. Are you ready to go on this adventure? Sign-up for C-Date’s services is easy.

  • Signing up
  • Your match preferences
  • Select the picture
  • Basic information about you
    Enter your email address

You’ll be able to post a photo to your profile once you’ve made your account. These help to pique other users’ interest in your prospects as a match. Manual photo checks are used by C-Date to screen out scammers.

How Does It Work?

C-date is effortlessly easy. You’ll be asked to provide your email address and answer a few questions about your preferences and needs. After you’ve completed the registration process and confirmed your account via the email verification link you should have received, the C-date matchmaking system will quickly propose prospective compatible companions. C-date registration is free, allowing everyone to participate in the casual dating matchmaking process. Even though you will be able to view the profiles of other users, you will not be able to contact them unless you have paid for a membership.

C-date Free Services & Paid Subscriptions

The initial sign-up process on C-Date is free, and you can start browsing other people’s profiles within minutes after finishing it. Furthermore, there is no cost to create your own profile, and you will not be charged for receiving contact offers or messages.

However, you’ll need to pay up for a subscription to view those messages and submit your own. Therefore, you won’t be able to see entire profiles on the free services.

You’ll be able to see them all once you’ve signed up for a membership package, and you’ll be able to start hooking up, chatting, and sharing photos.

How can C-Date save money?

The only option to save money on C-Date is to join up for one of their long-term packages. You’re practically paying twice as much if you sign up for three months as you would if you signed up for a year.

The three-month package is ideal for people who are just getting their feet wet in the realm of casual dating, but it isn’t cost-effective if you plan on becoming a frequent, long-term user.

C-Date Main features

After you’ve paid for a membership, you’ll be able to take advantage of the following unique features offered by this dating site:

  • All users can arrange dates by sending messages to their new contacts suggested by the matchmaking platform.
  • C-date works with a high level of discretion and safety
  • The daily suggestions allow you to get in touch with people looking for the same things as you are, making sure that you keep your relationship secret at all times.
  • The men/women ratio is one of the best among the different dating websites we reviewed.
  • Extra security layer: if your profile is offline for more than 2 months, it will be automatically deleted.

Other C-date Special Features

The website lists a set of useful features that will help you get the most out of your online dating experience. You may use some of the particular features to give your covert mate search that little extra edge, keeping with the casual dating atmosphere. These are some of them:

‘My Erotic Type’. By picking up to five suggestive photos from a selection of thumbnails, you can let other users know what your sexual interests are. Displaying these on your profile makes it easier to locate individuals who share your interests.

‘Ask Me Directly.’ Subscribed members can supply as little information about themselves as they like to maintain their anonymity. There’s a ‘Ask Me Personally’ feature if you don’t want to reveal everything, such as your smoking habits or whether you have tattoos.

The navigation bar. This is part of what makes C-Date so user-friendly. Three key components are offered to you: mailbox, contacts, and fees. There are widgets on the right-hand side that allow you to examine your profile, browse potential matches, and check who has looked at your profile.

Search criteria. This is especially handy for anyone looking for a private encounter. There’s also the option to indicate the sexual preferences you want a possible match to share, in addition to the conventional criteria like attractiveness and geography.

Users-friendliness and C-Date Mobile App

User-friendliness was high on our list of factors when we chose to do our C-Date review. Fortunately, the site is one of the simplest we’ve seen, thanks to a pared-down homepage. The navigation bar has everything you need, and it quickly becomes second nature.

Browsing other users’ profiles is as simple as clicking on their photos. Sending and receiving messages is simple if you know how to use email. Similarly, the filters are simple to use and will help you quickly narrow down your search settings.

Both Android and iOS are supported by the mobile app. It’s simple to switch between other users’ profiles, and chatting is just as simple as it is on the desktop site.

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to utilize the site or its features, C-Date has a YouTube channel with video lessons. There’s also a full FAQ section with answers to any issues you might have.

Is C-date South Africa Worth Paying for??

C-date is a prominent player in the official dating industry, with partners all around the world. This campaign adds a unique spin to the overcrowded online dating scene. Bringing adults together to help them discover new experiences and new ways of loving in which their most private desires become a reality.

Casual dating is a new and rapidly rising trend that adds a touch of class and respect to “no strings attached” online relationships. C-Date pioneered and dominates this new market, which continues to expand in popularity.

The vast majority of dating services offer a free trial of their service, but in order to fully utilize the service and contact other members, you must upgrade to Premium Membership. C-date South Africa is no exception, and you must pay a charge to communicate with your acquaintances. We’re not going to argue about the necessity of this. If customers want to use a high-quality service, they will always have to pay. Rather, we’re interested in how C-date South Africa performs in a ‘value for money analysis. 

Is it worth it?  C-date appears to be fair value for money when seen in this perspective. The deal is quite unique and elegant. Although this is an executive service, it is offered at a very competitive price. Furthermore, it provides some excellent starting offers.

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